(Black) iQ2 Perfetto Hairdryer

The next-gen evolution of the groundbreaking, award-winning iQ Perfetto hairdryer

Combining lightness with power and elite performance, the new iQ2 is set to be the new must-have in the professional market. The evolution of the hairdryer revolution, it boasts the perfect balance between weight and performance from the original iQ line, while introducing various new innovations.

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The only hairdryer in the world with "iQ Standby Technology", the dryer is automatically deactivated when placed on the GAMA Smart Pad that comes with every iQ2. It was designed to reduce energy waste, improve efficiency and provide convenience. This brand new iQ2 is equipped with 2 new functions: a TURBO function which increases air flow by bringing the engine from 110.000rpm to an impressive maximum speed of 120.000rpm for 30 seconds, and the eSystem-C technology that allows the iQ2 to detect when usage conditions are not suitable and automatically restores it. This new technology activates mainly due to the clogging of the filter which causes the blockage of airflow. Once activated, quickly replace fabric filter with a clean filter to prevent the iQ2 from shutting down. The iQ2 is an extraordinarily light hair dryer at only 294g, it is designed to prevent muscle damage to arms and shoulders resulting from extended use at professional level. Supplied with Oxy-Active Technology, it emits active oxygen that acts as a powerful antibacterial to protect the scalp while sealing hair cuticles for longer color durability (color lock effect). Its external metallic micro-perforated filter and internal fabric filter were designed to prevent even the smallest dirt particles from setting in the engine and reaching the scalp while also ensuring greater engine resilience. The new easy-to-remove, washable design can easily be cleaned with the care kit provided, and can also be washed for deep cleaning. Auto-Clean Technology rotates the motor turbine in the opposite direction, allowing deep cleaning of the filter by expelling any particles left on the filter. The new auto-clean reminder function also notifies the user to perform an auto-clean to prevent malfunctions. In addition, thanks to the Venturi Effect, it multiplies the air flow delivered by the motor, without using extra power, reducing drying time and optimizing energy consumption. The Memory Function Technology allows to memorize the speed and the temperature among the 12 available configurations, all easily managed thanks to the digital interface. Additionally, the selected configurations can be locked, by using the appropriate lock button, to avoid accidental changes during use. The 3-meter cable facilitates the work of professional styling. Comes with 1-year warranty.

For professional salon inquiries, kindly contact us for pricing details. Verification required.

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